Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 93 - April Fun 2011
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Bill and Soulee at Cubs Park


Soulee the Model

Brox watching the fish

Super Shopper

Brox and Soulee

Brox the swinger

Soulee the swinger

Northern caught at Gages Lake


Passover Plot

Testing out Bill's Brew

Playing Horsie with Papa

Brox in a Box

Uncle Jon playing Horse back riding

Now it's Soulee's turn

Chef Bill helping out with the Lamb Roast

Brox and Papa doing calisthentics

Grandma Roberta and Soulee

Smile for the Camera!

We're together

Jodi perusing the Weather Lab

Soulee doing arts & crafts

That's one big Matzo

Can't beat Grandma's Matzo Ball soup!

Bill checking out the computer

Grandma & Soulee


April Visitors & Fun

I Don't Do Windows!

I love to eat!

Finally a warm day!

Papa chases the Dynamic Duo

Brox checks the depth of the bark

The Firepit

Good thing Papa has two hands

Bill's Brew

It looks Kreuzened

Designing Easter Eggs

Brox relaxes

Look at my Doughnut

You can't have it, it's mine

That's what you think, Brox

How do I look as a blonde?

Mugging for the camera

Halloween comes early this year.

Brox At Cubs Park and Rosa Plays Football

At the Comfort Suites

Cheerleader for Rosa

Brox models his Cubs Uniform

Jodi models Cub head gear

Brox Brox and Jodi at the Cubs Game

Kinda cool!

Uncle Ed and Brox

I have my ticket

Wow a Cubs car!

Mom explains the game to Brox

But I want to play for the Cubbies!

Eating peanuts at a ballgame is an art

I'm wearing my Cubs yarmulke as it's the 5th Day of Passover

Uncle Ed and I are having a peanut shelling race

"Let me hear you, Take me out to the ballgame"

I sing pretty good , eh Mom?

Take me to the World Series Elevator

Checking out Wrigley Field

Going Down to the refreshment stand

Almost made it to the end of the game!

Got to have eye black for the football game

Brox needs it too!

Brox, Jodi and Soulee at the football game

Rosa's friends

Soulee, Rosa, and Jodi

Danika and Soulee

Rosa's Rooting Section

Augie looks cold

Vicki is prepared for the cold temperature

Brox at the top of the grandstand

Soulee has had it

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To May Camp Out


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