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Page 90 - New Year 2011
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update March 05, 2011

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What to do on a Wintry Day

Bill and Soulee in the new Computer Nook

Brox computes-Jodi relaxes

Chef deWildwood

What no chocolate?

It's fun at the kids table

"Let's eat!"

Face Painting

Soulee touches up


Anthony paints mom Alex

Now Soulee touches up Alex

...meanwhile back at the ranch

Brox waits for the Bear game to begin

Decorating cookies

The green ones have no calories

Danika shows off her handiwork



Photos from Facebook and the Android Whatchamacallit

Brox Slaying Dragons

Soulee Dressed for a Wildwood Winter

Uncle Ed and Friend

Brox with monkey

At the Choo Choo Restaurant

Meeting Mom for Lunch

Going to the beach?

Bill Ice Fishing at Gages Lake

Guess who?

Even drinking doesn't help when the Bears lose

At Chuckie Cheese

Soulee and Anthony with Danny watching

Brox at birthday party guarding the cake


More Photos from a Real Camera

Want to buy a wooden fort?

Playing Mah Jong with our feet!
Snowmageddon 2011

It all started with one flake...

No Barbecue on the deck tonite!

Pathway to the Garage

Bill's Snowmobile

8' high snow piles

A way into the house

Boy that's a long driveway

I thought it had two lanes

Grandma will never make it into the house this way

Will the mail go thru?


To February 2011

Table of Contents 

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