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Page 87 - Chanukah  2010
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Chanukah 2010

Chanukah 2010 the 1st night

Grandma in the kitchen

A close up of the inside of Papa's arteries

Uncle Jon trying to hold Brox down

Grandma, Papa (with his 10gal yarmulke) and soulee

Uncle Jon and Jodi  waiting for the lighting of the candles

Uncle Ed explaining to Soulee
the proper way to light the candles


The 4th night

Soulee showing off her $2.00 Gelt

Soulee and Jesse

"You are My Sunshine"

Brox planning his attack


"What a neat truck!"


Look another truck

What'll I do with this bow?

I'll put it on Uncle Jon

I like opening presents

That bb gun will put your eye out!

Soulee gets help from Grandma

Look at all this stuff!

The unwrapping crew

Papa tries to open Buzz Lightyear without much success

Now Jodi gets to wear the bow

The page wouldn't be complete without Brox eating

Ummm good cupcakes

A Cub Cheeseburger

Ed and the Cub Cheeseburger

Uncle Ed shows Brox how to work Buzz

Now it's Brox's turn

A perfect gift for our Beer aficionado...

...and one for our Donut aficionado

A racing toy

Brox hiding on the couch


Now it's Soulee's turn with the cupcake

Brox refuels

Is that what they mean by Bluetooth?

A flapper or a Princess


Brox and Buzz

Looks like someone from the roaring '20's

Whatcha eating Soulee?

Soulee poses with Gingerbread train
that she decorated with Uncle Ed's assistance.

We should call this the ecumenical Gingerbread train
as there are Chanukah cookies in one of the cars!

I didn't know that Gingerbread was a Chanukah staple

Jodi hard at work
Chanukah in New Jersey

Dan, Jerry, Matty, Cooper, Andy and Ryan Heller

Taylor, Andy Cooper,
Dan, Matty Jerry and Ryan Heller


To December Birthdays and Doings

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