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Page 86 - Thanksgiving  2010
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update December 05, 2010

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Thanksgiving 2010

Chef Bill taking the bird's temperature

Injecting Penzoil 10W40

A Genuine Creole Pork Tur-Duc-Hen

Soulee with her new necklace

Making pizzas with Danika

Now for Beignets!

Shelby shows Soulee how to do it

Sprinkling Powdered Sugar is messy!

Beignets direct from the South

Soulee and Alie

Putting Bacon on the Turducken?

Making Placemats

BFF - Jodi and Shelby

Colorful Brox

Breakfast of Champions
White Castle Sliders

Alie and Brox

Soulee and Alie with Turtle

It's never too cold to barbecue!

Thanksgiving Day preparation

Brox getting ready for Turkey Day


Tim and Shelby Linens


Danika arrives

Soulee and Danika




Jodi and Shelby

Jodi and Shelby

Thad wearing funny looking hat

Dayna, Bill and Jon

Danika and Soulee


Smile Danika!


Thad checking out Shelby's Gumbo

Tim testing the appetizers


How did Anthony get into these photos?

Watching football, of course

Jon and Ed

The girls showing off their pearl necklaces

Dayna and JR


The Turkey resting

Even Brox tries to prepare a Thanksgiving meal

Pillows in the Projection room

Brox and his Angels

It's hard getting them to smile all at the same time...

..or even look at the camera!

Thad finally wearing a decent cap

Dr Demento getting ready to carve the Turkey

clamp...suture.. beer

Bill seems to be really enjoying this

The infamous "Kids Table"

Soulee engrossed with the football game?

The Tur-Duc-Hen

Good Stuff

Doing breast reduction surgury

Uncle Jon and Brox watching a movie

I wonder what's happening?

Alie and Soulee at the "Kids Table"

The only way I could get into a photo

The top layer is the turkey, the 2nd layer is the duck, and the chicken is where?

Bill tries to find the Creole sausage and the chicken

A close-up of the Tur-Duc-Hen

Brox attacks the Thanksgiving dinner

The kids enjoying Thanksgiving


To Chanukah - 2010

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