Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 80- End of Summer Fun
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update September 23, 2010

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Labor Day Barbecue

Vegetables from the Garden

Chef Ed

Nicole shucks sweet corn

Jon pitches in

Ribs and Sirloin Roast being smoked!

Brox resting

Soulee and Jon attacking the french fry thingee

Soulee trying to eat all the french fries

Chef Ed checking the smoker


Uncle Jon with Brox

4 Hellers - No waiting!


Playing ball with Dad

Jon is the 5th Beatle

Jon and Soulee -Rock Stars!

Soulee and Nicole playing a board game

Bacon wrapped Sirloin Roast

Bill tries out Ed's back stretcher!

Soulee with her lunch box

Jodi and Cub at night game

From the Rooftop


To Page 81 - Disneyworld

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