Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 78 - Cubs Park Odyssey
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update July 31, 2010

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Touring the Cathedral of Baseball
Courtesy of Jon Heller, member of the Cubs Club

Soulee's Brick

Jon, Lou, Bill

Jon Heller, Louis Dimock, Bill Heller, Rich Heller

Bill 's ready to hit

Good Form

Playing Catch at Cubs Park

Jon at the 368 ft Sign

Cubs Scoreboard

Lou and Bill

Lou posing in front of 368 ft sign

Batting practice under the right field bleachers

Nice Cut Bill

Lou 's ready to bat

Lou and Bill in the Cubs dugout

Jon sitting wher Alfonso Soriano sits!

Taking the field!

Lou calls the bullpen

Bill Answers from Cub Dugout

Bill standing next to the visiting team's ondeck circle

Bill standing next to the Cubs ondeck circle

"Sorry Coach , I'm not ready yet"

Bill getting the hang of catching at Wrigley


Lou, Jon, Rich

Eating a snack in the box seats

Enjoying that Frosty Malt, Bill?





I'm standing on the infield at Cubs Park-Wow!

Rich and the Ernie Banks Statue

The harder I throw, the slower it goes!

It's neat playing catch with your Dad at Cubs Park

It's neat playing catch with your son at Cubs Park

Louis playing catch with fellow Chief Bill

No, I wasn't a switch hitter

Is that Sammy Sosa?


Jon in front of new Toyota sign

Drinking out of the same fountain as major league players

The Visitors dugout

Copenhagen for real ball players!

The Camry couldn't stop and landed in the bleachers!


It's a Doubleheader- A Night Game at Sox Park the Cell
Sox win 6-5


Lou & Harold Baines

Pudge and Bill

Sitting in the right field bleachers




Table of Contents 

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