Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 77 - Brox's 2nd B'day July 2010
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update July 31, 2010

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Swimming at Grandma and Papa's house
on the 4th of July Weekend

Brox and Dad

Brox going to slide down into the pool

Dad is going to try the slip and slide

OK Brox

There he goes

Soulee tries her turn

Brox comes running to the rescue

Uncle Jon helps out

Uncle Ed shows Brox the Garden

This is the little bunny who is eating all of the beans!

Brox tries out new Virtual Form Fitting Cycling Suit

"Sure you can, Brox"

This kid sure likes to eat!

"And for my next trick..."

King of the Hill



Brox's 2nd Birthday - July 17, 2010

Just Hangin'

Motoring to the Party

Like General Patton planning his attack!

Grandma and Cousin Toby cutting the cake

Alex shows Brox the proper way to eat the cake

Mom explains the ground rules

The Rescue squad awaits Brox's attack

Brox asks for divine guidance

And he's off...

You've seen this before!

Brox explaining "Divide and Conquer"

Uncle Jon and Brox play Horsie

This is how the Heller's lost their hair

...and the winner is...Brox

Papa helping Brox take off his shirt
for the Ice Cream Sandwich Derby

Brox takes his first bite... an end around...

..and Brox squeezes the life out of the sandwich

I'm almost finished

Addison needs a beer after watching Brox eat

Mom and Soulee

Scott and Brox

It's dangerous to hold Brox upside down!

Deanna and Fraydel

Mom, Soulee, Toby, and Chuck

Alex, Dan, and Chuck

Anthony and Dan have some cake

Soulee swinging

Just waiting for the party to begin

Princess Soulee

Cooling off by the A/C

Brox and Daddy

A Brox Bacon Breakfast

A Man sized Omelet

Brox and Soulee

Having a Patriotic breakfast with Johnny

Joseph Whiting Dimock II


Brox Rockin'

Just chillin'

Making a Banana Cake with Grandma

Toasting Marshmellows

Dad tells Soulee about toasted marshmellows

Brox wants nothing to do with Marshmellows

Eating toasted marshmellows is fun

Even Anthony gets into the act

A bit messy, but tasty

Danny helps Soulee

Time for a sticky kiss!


Remember Al Jolson?

Chief Potchentuchus


Cute kid

Danny carries Brox

Danny carries Soulee

Soulee hugs Anthony

Giant fish caught by Angler Bill

At the Lake County Fair

Eating a Turkey Leg at the Renaissance Fair


To Cubs Park Odyssey

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