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Page 76 - More June 2010 Fun
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update July 18, 2010

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Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup

Shaving the Stanley Cup Beards

Which twin has the Tony?

The Bill Heller family posing with their winnings
"Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches" from Uncle Jerry

Soulee enjoying the Cheeseteak that Uncle Jerry sent.

Brox likes it too!

Sometimes 2nd place doesn't taste too bad- Malnati's Pizza


Bill Gets a Boat

This boat sure needs a lot of re-furbishing

This engine was too big for Gages Lake

Torpedo Tubes had to go

Bill really wanted this wheel

Bill catches Mighty Fish

Angler Soulee

Intrepid fisherman Danny can't make it past
the 5:00 am fishing time

Dan Rodriguez catches first fish aboard the SS Whatsis

Uncle Ed inspects the SS Whatsis

The interior

Boat Cover

Bill and Dan enjoy Father's Day by sleeping thru it!


How to Feed an Almost Two Year Old a Cupcake

First Deposit him in the bathtub...

Explain how to eat the delicacy...

Notice the overlapping grip...

Splitting it apart , looking for the Pearl...

Small enough for one hand

Most of it gets into his mouth...

If I squeeze it...

Don't turn on the water yet...

Licking the last of the frosting...


All gone

Papa gets his picture taken by Soulee

Soulee eats the cupcake a little better than Brox

One last picture of Cupcake boy.

OK  one more photo of Brox devouring a Cupcake


To Brox's 2nd B'day - July2010

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