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Memorial Day Activities

Giving Mom and Dad a break at Papa & Grandma's House

Trying out the fast slide

Brox doing Scarecrow duty in Papa's Garden

Brox isn't too happy at Ed Debevics

Two Gun Soulee

Soulee at the Skydeck at Willis (Sear's) Tower

Look what I found in the camera?


Company in Wildwood

Gotta have a picture of Brox eating, right?

Sing it Soulee

Erik and Daughter


Aunt Vicki visits


Anthony and Brox

Soulee and Sarge
Lambs Farm

Soulee, Anthony and Rachel

I thought that Babe was a Blue Ox


Downtown Chicago

Michael Jordan Statue wearing Blackhawks Sweater

Outside the United Center

No Tickets for the Stanley Cup Game 2

Used to be the Sears Tower

Waiting to go up the Express Elevator

Chicago River

Looking North

The John Hancock Building

Trying out the Glass Ledge

Kinda scary

Uncle Jon offers encouragement to Soulee

Brox is napping

How would you like to wake up 1200 feet above the street
on a glass ledge?

Brox takes it all in

Brox isn't so sure

We're # 1


A Sunday at Gages Lake and Friends

Brox, Soulee, and Danika

Gertrude and Heathcliffe

This kid'll eat anything!

Where's my feet

Danika can't find her feet either

Rickshaw Bill


Brox checks out hair trimmer

But first gotta clean his face

Sending to the Gulf to soak up the oil

Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

It's an emotional thing

Brox gets comfort from Mom and Soulee

Danika, Soulee and hairless Brox

JR and Danika

Tickling the Ivories
Reece, Maddy, and Soulee

Piano built for three


Brox minus his curls

At the pool
Sing it Soulee!


To Karen & Jerry's 40th Anniversary

Table of Contents 

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