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Page 69 -  Tennessee Vacation
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Wanted for Cuteness
Lili LaTush
Wanted for being Cool
Wildman Brox
Lots of Hugs and Kisses
More Hugs and Kisses


Vacation in Tennessee
(Photos by Shelby Linen)

Looks like the cast from "Deadwood!"

Ok, amuse me

Going for a helicopter ride

Sky King gets set to take off

Brox doesn't know what to make of it

Native Americans trudge up trail
looking for moose and squirrel

Bill training for the next Olympics

The whole group ice skates

Soulee and Jodi skating

 Hot Tub is perfect after outdoor activities

Bill enjoying the main room in the cabin

Thad, Shelby, Alie and Tim Linen

Soulee and Herbie

Thad, Alie, Soulee, and Herbie

Soulie, Haylie, Thad, Alie

Who says minstrel shows are gone?

Getting a fried food fix

Posing for a dinner photo

Bill eating Mexican

What's left of the Mexican


Tennessee Vacation
Photos by Otto Pheauxus

Wagon Ho!

Pigeon Forge

Rock climbing

Soulee the Astronaut




Alie and Brox pulling Soulie


Pretty good for a guy who just learned to walk a few months ago

Tracking Bears

The Last 100 yards are the hardest

C'mon Brox!

On your mark...


Southerners think the cold white stuff is dandruf!

Face Painting 101

Ta Da!

Just rockin' on the porch

Wow! a helicopter ride


Up in the air, junior birdmen

Getting last minute instructions

What a view of Gatlinburg!

Riding the Bumper Cars


The ticket dispenser

Oh boy, look at all of these tickets

Gatlinburg, TN

Brox will eat anything!

Don't bother Soulee, Brox

Thought you wouldn't see another photo of Brox eating, did ya?

Now for my Tom-Tom solo

Jodi gives her undivided attention

A Hillbilly breakfast

Hey Jack!

Wish we had one in Illinois


To March Madness 2010

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