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January 16, 2010

Keeping in shape

"Uh one, uh two...!

Never mind the rest of them

I've got such a headache!

Let me wind up Brox

Soulee shows off the flower she picked out

"Nobody takes my curls off!"

That's what you think

Soulee cooks Brox an egg

Playing with a car a Grandma's and Papa's house


A Food Network Winner

Neat T- Shirt Soulee

"Extra, Extra, Read all about it!"

Snow White

Soulee looks like Snow White

At LegoLand

President Obama with Bill, Brox and Soulee

Trying out the Legos

Brox will eat anything

I hope it tasted better than it looks


American Idols

Did Hefner start like this?

Kim does Soulee's hair

Just a little off the top

Brox and Kim

Why does Dad always take pictures of me eating?

He did it again!

Food without Brox
Vacationing on the White Sand Beaches of the Wildwood Rolling Hills
(A story of complete fiction)

Jodi Brox and Soulee building sand castles

Brox wants to go Surfing

Notice the special Ultraviolet Suits- No Sunburn for these kids!

Enjoying the 75 degree temperatures
(25 in the am, 25 at noon, 25 at night)

Where's my surfboard?

Trying to get a nice tan

Soulee going for SPF679

That sure is a funny looking Palm Tree
...meanwhile back at the ranch

I just won the Publisher's Clearing House Dealee!!!

Alex reads a story to Soulee

Jodi and Anthony

Soulee, Jodi and Anthony

Ooh here's the good part!

Anthony wants to see what comes next

Soulee, there's a red whatsis on your nose

We brush our teeth after we eat


Payton Sundquist's Birthday Party
at Monkey Joes

Payton and Brox

Johnny, Payton, and Brox
(Unknown child in front)

Payton & Soulee


There it is again - Brox and food!

Soulee glad-hands Monkey Joe

Prepare to Fire!

Brox doing his Jack Benny impression

Riding the Dinosaur

Hi Ho T-Rex!


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