Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 66 -  XMAS & New Years
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update January 17, 2010

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Soulee and her new kitchen

Silly Dough

Grandma and Soulee make silly dough thingees

A bowl of Fruit

Uncle Ed and Soulee make Deep Dish Pizza

Notice that her fingers never leave her hand!

Uncle Ed inspects

Proud as Punch

Ed's Classic Deep Dish Pizza

Waiting for the pizza to cool

The Xmas Demolition derby

Linus has nothing on me!

Grandma Roberta

Chef Eddie cleaning up

Who would wear Pink Toe socks?

Soulee waiting for the presents

Uncle Jon warming up

Uncle Jon and Brox

The Stockings were hung...

There they are again...

Who can this possibly be?

Soulee, Uncle Jon and Brox

The Sock Monster...eek!

Brox eating Xmas morning breakfast


Bacon Testing

Jodi getting her Vitamin B (Bacon)

Santa left small presents on the stairs

Brox and Soulee inspect the New Kitchen

Setting the Table

Brox waits while Soulee makes the 1st meal

Grandma shows Soulee the right way

Look a Pizza maker

Soulee checks out her utensils

Brox sets his place

Mom helps Soulee with the pizza

The eggs go in the fridge

Uncle Ed helps Brox with the tool box

Ready to eat

Dad opens the presents

A perfect Tee!

Uncle Jon looks at the kid's photos

Watching a movie in the theater

Dad shows Brox and Uncle Jon the Transformer

Meanwhile Uncle Ed and Brox work on the tool box

What does this do, Uncle Ed?

Kinda neat huh?

Brox in his Fortress of Solitude!

Dad, Brox and Papa

Mom and Brox

Only way to save out of focus picture!

Uncle Jon rolls Brox in Dump Truck

Look out!

This fits in here

Grandma shakes hand in Xmas Tree

Results of 10 car accident

Making a Gingerbread House

First you put in the white stuff...

Uncle Jon and Brox chill out

Uncle Ed judges the masterpiece



New Year's Eve

Brox, Bill and Anthony

New Years Boil


To It's 2010

Table of Contents 

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