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Page 65 -  Soulee's 3rd Birthday & Holidays
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Soulee's 3rd Birthday

Sing Happy Birthday!

Soulee the Birthday Girl

Uncle Jon and Soulee 

Daddy helps Soulee open presents

Grandma and Soulee

The Arntzens

Soulee and Brox lead the way into the party

Soulee and Mom set up tables

Goodie Bags?

Brox checks for spiders

Danny and Anthony

Brox wants to play with Anthony

Mom and Brox watch the opening of the Presents

Dad And Brox practice their moves

Papa sneaks up on Mom and Brox

Alex and Anthony play with Soulee's toys

Opening presents

The Grand Jury

Train around the Xmas Tree

Dad and Uncle Jon play feed the Hippo with Soulee
Soulee's Birthday Party at Goddard

See, They don't always smile!

But Brox smiles a lot!
Chanukah and Soulee's Birthday

Latke Chef

Eating homemade Chicken Soup

Even Anthony eats his dinner

Senor Dan samples a Latke


Now for the Chicken Soup


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