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Page 64 -  Thanksgiving 2009
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Thanksgiving - 2009

Making Turkey Syrup

Chef Eduardo

Brox Corn

Luckshen Kugel

CSI Hanover ParkTurkey autopsy

The Evidence


Chef Eduardo prepares Brox Corn

Chef Eduardo's Chocolate Pecan  Pie, Apple Pie, and Cookies from the Jarosch Bakery


Uncle Jon and Brox playing Darts

Uncle Ed and Soulee

Brox doing a magic trick on Uncle Jon

Soulee and Danika

Piano Virtuosos

Having a Tea Party

JR joining the Tea Party


Danika and Brox playing with Vintage Toys

Papa and Brox

Sometimes being a Thanksgiving Chef requires a little spirit

Soulee with her new hair-do

Papa and Brox playing Chopsticks

Danika and Brox

Manny, Moe, and Jack?

Dayna from the Peoria Symphony plays  some music

Brox sings along

A Trio of Piano Players

Passing out the dinnerware

Danika and Soulee

JR and Dayna

Uncle Jon and Brox

Getting set to attack the Turkey

The other end of the table

Brox tries to figure out how the corn got in his hair

Pass the stuffing...


An old time tradition

Me too!

Remember Wooden Toys?

The Tryptophan sets in

Uncle Jon wrestles Brox


Papa fights the Tryptophan

Grandma does the Brox Throw


Danika and Soulee

Jodi spots Soulee with a cookie

How about a bite of your cookie?

I'll take it anyway!

Uncle Jon gave me another cookie

Jarosch Bakery sure makes good cookies

Brox and Papa

Brox still going...

Waiting to see Santa at Goddard School

Training for the Hop, Skip and Jump

Brox decides to drive

Mom is relegated to being the tail-gunner

Kim does Soulee's Hair

Brox and Soulee jump on the bed


To Soulee's 3rd Birthday & Holidays

Table of Contents 

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