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Page 60 -  September 2009 Adventures
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update October 03, 2009

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Ed, Jon, and Bill in Box - 1977

Soulee in Box- Sept 2007

Brox in Box - August 2009

Brox takes the fast way in to the box

Soulee and Brox going for the Great Train Crash

Dad putting the train toy together

Photo by Soulee

More Photos by Soulee

Slugger Soulee

Bowen Playground at Grosche Park - Waukegan


There's a purple thingee on Soulee's face

Brox has to choose- Milk or Beer

Of course I understand the infield fly rule.

Welcome to Bouncy World!

Is it Door A or Door B?

Into the valley of the shadow...


Get off the table Mabel...

I believe this child is named after a Chicago Street

Should we let the kid in?


I scream...

You scream...

We all scream...

For Ice Cream!

Chocolate is best

Altho it's a bit messy

Ummm, Ummm, good

Ice Cream Lipstick?

All Done

Waiting for the game to begin

...and they say baseball is slow!

Soulee lets a bug crawl on her leg

Is it real?

Look at those eyebrows!

Danny, Alex and Anthony visit

Posing for Dad

Anthony Michael and Mom

Family Portrait

Anthony Michael

Winner of the 2009 Plumbers's Butt contest

Brox catching up on his reading



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