Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 57 -  Brox's 1st Birthday
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update August 02, 2009

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Happy 1st Birthday Brox

Brox plays with his new fire engine

No problem!

With a little help from my friend



Brox and Soulee - July 17, 2009

Soulee poses for Papa

Look Out- Here we come

OK Brox We're going to sing "Happy Birthday" to you

We light the candles

Soulee will help you blow out the candles
"Happy Birthday"

That last candle was a stubborn one

Brox in a pensive moment

Uncle Ed gives Brox a Cub floppy hat

Soulee eats a Dora Cupcake

It's sticky

Tastes good tho!

Soulee shows Brox the correct technique

I hate to destroy this unique work of art

Uncle Ed, Dad, and Mom look on

Mom helps Soulee with the cupcake

Pay close attention as I invade the cupcake

This yellow stuff gets on everything

Dad and Mom start to record this historic event

The left hand makes a surprise move...

This isn't so heavy

I'll shake it...

Meanwhile Soulee does a diversionary attack
on the other cupcake

Hey Mom, we ought to have cupcakes more often!

The attack continues as the two warriors meet

Mom, want some of my cupcake?

A very mature Brox shares his cupcake with Mom

I think I know why Mom took off my clothes

Soulee really likes the frosting

I wore my birthday suit specially for this

A two fisted eater

Catching my breath

Almost finished!

At least I didn't eat my fingers.
Soulee Sings Take me out to the Ballgame


Bill's photos of Brox's 1st Birthday

Soulee helping Mom sweep the kitchen

Even a  photo with Papa Rich

Brox and Uncle Jon
Caution: The photos below are very graphic of the dismemberment of a cupcake
Please be warned!!!

Two intrepid observers watch while the cupcake gets tortured!!

Brox looks satisfied
Bill's Video of Brox eating a cupcake!



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