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 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update July 18, 2009

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Anthony Michael Rodriguez Makes his Entrance

Danny and Alex

Alex (and Anthony Michael hiding)

Soulee enjoying an ice cream cone

The correct technique for an ice cream cone

No hands ice cream eating

I've got an ice cream mustache

Brox and Soulee

Caught me, huh?

"Hey Soulee, put on some clothes!"

Just doing some electrical work

Rachel and Anthony Michael

Rachel and Anthony Michael

Proud Mama Alex

Parents taking a walk with Anthony

Jodi and Soulee meet Anthony

Brox says this place looks familiar


The Heller's going on a trip in the Minivan

Soulee, Bill and Brox - July 2009

Soulee, Bill and Brox - July 2009

Soulee, Bill and Brox - July 2009

Doing the Bun dance

At Daddy's feet

Anthony Michael Rodriguez- July 3, 2009

Soulee helps out

Ain't he cute

Anthony gives a high five

Mom changes Anthony


Be Careful Soulee

Jodi and Soulee hold Anthony

Soulee likes Anthony




Takeda Outing

On the Ferris Wheel

Looking at the Odyssey

Paul and Sofia

Rachel and Jim

As the Sun pulls away from the shore
and the boat sinks slowly in the East...

Gil and Todd

The University of Illinois Navy Pier Campus

Brox and Grablin

Brox tries to escape

John and Dennis

Shawn, Brox, and Rob

Soulee  peers at Larry the Lizard

Soulee is not too sure about Harry the Hedgehog


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