Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 51 -  Vacation Time June 2009
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update June 21, 2009

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Ready to leave for Vacation

I can't eat without Papa taking pictures!

Got to bulk up for my Sea Cruise

Soulee and Brox messing around

Soulee teaching Brox how to speak Southern

Brox and Soulee lookin' good!

Grandma and Soulee Brox
(Webmaster's Note: It is a genetic problem in the Heller family for a weakness in names!)

Wow, another kiss from Grandma!

Mom and Soulee


Grandma, Soulee, and Brox

Soulee Sings her hits "One Ton Tomato" and "The ABC Song"


1st Stop - Memphis, Tennessee

Bill eating ribs in Memphis, TN on the way down South


Picayune, MS - Day 2

"But Mom, there's nothing to do!"

My Alfred E. Newman impression

Alie lookin' cool

"The Yanks are coming!"

"Let's see, we throw out the rechargeable ones."


Beat it kid

Brox is a kid magnet

Scottie Pippin looks a bit pale

Change is coming!

Easy Riders

Thad & Soulee

Soulee's pooped

Looks like Jodi is too!

Brox Re-fueling


Visiting the Bayou and other Southern Delights


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