Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 49 -  May 2009
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Finally some Spring Weather

Brox trying to Push the Wagon

It's not as easy as it looks

Preparing for the Wildwood 500

Soulee gets buckled in

Getting last minute instructions

The pit crew checking out the ride

The surface of the track looks OK

EEK its the Swine Flu Bug!

It's got at least 30 legs!

I better carb up for the big race

ummm ummm good

Watch your fingers Mom

After eating we brush our teeth

Brox brushes as a Southpaw

"I help Mom"

Neat technique, huh?

Soulee shows how it's done

Soulee gets the back teeth clean too.


Soulee and Brox get a Swing Set

Grandma and Brox watch the swing set get erected

Brox warming up in the Bouncer

Grandma and Brox

Soulee and Dad testing out the swing set

All kinds of climbing thingees on the swing set

Mom helps Soulee

Soulee the Acrobat

just swingin'

"Am I cool or what?"

Brox tests out the baby swing

All kinds of neat stuff

Soulee gets ready to use the big swing

Road testing the slide

Checking the aerodynamics of the slide


The Curls are Gone!!!

Staying away from the No-Fly Zone

Brox looks for a way to climb the fence

No Luck!

Soulee Posing

Always a photo of Brox with food on his puss!

Where's the Chocolate?
Getting Clipped

This doesn't look like Floyd's barber shop

A chip off the old block

Soulee is first

Clipping away...

Where did all my hair go?

Mom and Brox admire Soulee's new do...

OK Bubba, it's your turn now

A drive-in haircut

OK Barber, let's talk sports

The curls are starting to go away

Not so close!

Save some of that hair for Papa

Just a little off the top

Style it nice

Make it pointy at the top

That's an awfully big comb

Soulee looks cute in this photo

Let's race

Do you think Daddy is jealous?

Mom and Brox with new haircut

Cool photo of Mom and Brox

I'm a little devil

Not really!

Brox and Soulee taking a bath

Tushie Wash

On my way to my sandhog job

The forelady shows us what to do

This is how they dug the Panama Canal

I'm digging for fossils


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