Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 47 -  March 2009
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update April 12, 2009

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March 2009

Does Daddy really do Soulee's hair?

The new fly away style

Supper time

I'm going to be the new Gerber Baby

Welcome to Diners, Dives...

Whatta ya mean, wipe my face!

I think I ate a bug

Check Please

Brox and the Ambassador from Poland

Passing State Secrets

Smile Jeremy

Now we'll both be on a Wanted Poster

I can so sit up!

Dad even made a movie of me sitting up
and as soon as Spielberg finishes editing it, we'll put it up


It's Magic Time!

Mommy says she's going to make magic!

I can hardly wait

"You'll notice that never do my fingers leave my hand..."


"What's under the blanket?"

"Ta Da"

"It's two little munchkins!"


"From the land of mystery"

Brox tries to make Soulee appear.

"Say the magic Words..."

Soulee and Reece enjoy a chocolate sundae

Cutbacks in Illinois show up in our Transit Systems

Step to the rear of the bus

Soulee needs help on this steep grade

Barreling down the mainline!

Spring finally makes an appearance
after 4 brutal months of Winter

It's Princess Soulee Maya

That's how you spell Brox


Photos in the Park by Alexandra Hohf Rodriguez
We'll have a pregnant pause now!

Soulee & Jodi ready for launch

Astronaut Soulee is not too sure...

...3.2.1. Lift Off

Getting consoled by the ground crew

Training for weightlessness

Attack of the Astronaut

Ready to Land

One small step for Soulee...

Danny and Brox being blessed by branch wielding Soulee

No one is safe from Soulee

Dusting Danny with a branch as Brox looks on

It's Brox's turn now

Waiting for the barbecue

Soulee getting set to take a stroll with Brox


Jodi and Soulee posing

Brox plugged up

Tyrannosaurus Squirrel

Gee Bill you made a friend for life!

Brox and Uncle Jon wrestle

Is that a half nelson?

The winner is...

Uncle Ed standing guard by the stove


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