Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 46 -  February 2009
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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February Fun

Glad to see ya!

Mugging for the Camera

Here is the Chef of the Future

Chef Ed's Piece de resistance


Wonder Woman

It's the Evil Eye



Taking a family photo isn't easy

Brox is not cooperating

Ta Da! Success!!!

Siamese Twins?

My parents are NUTS!


Having Some Folks Over

It's pizza time

Madyson wants some too


A dish of sweets

Let me at em!

"Ain't She Sweet?"

"You must have been a beautiful baby..."


Soulee and Madyson

How about these earings?

Cute, eh?

See how good we are?

But not always!


Who is that Lady with that New Hair-Do?

Helping Mom

Going to wash some cherries



No-Cal knosh

I'm balancing my rubber stamps


A different look!

Doing our exercizes

Say, Mom, I l like that look

A few poses of Brox

Mom helping Soulee write her memoirs

Brox doing magic tricks in the background

Mom is that the Jennifer Anniston hairdo?

Soulee's million dollar smile

Three Cousins
Soulee, Reece, and Danika


A Valentine Cookie

Be my Valentine

You will?

Dad looks like he just snowplowed the driveway

What a handful!

A foot bath

Rub-a-dub dub

We're searching for the Titanic

Grandma and Brox

I'm a tough  guy!

Brox, Papa and Soulee

Brox, Papa and Soulee II

Soulee, Uncle Jon and Brox

Soulee, Uncle Jon and Brox- II


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