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Page 45 -  January 2009 & Winter
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Winter Things

Brox gets to eat solid food, finally!

Next is Deep Dish Pizza

The last night of Chanuka

Here come the Hawks, the mighty Blackhawks...

Mom helps Soulee put on ice skates

Just a bit more...

Are you ready, Soulee?

The Head coach leads his team onto the ice

Listen to the crowd cheer as Soulee takes to the ice

There's no crying in Hockey!

But I just learned how to walk a few months ago!

When does Spring come?

Gee that was fun!

 I'm smiling thru my tears

I can hardly wait to skate with Soulee

This horse looks familiar - From the Godfather?


New Years Eve

The Winter Classic at Wrigley Field

Dan, Alex Jodi and Brox
(Soulee was at Grandma's House)

Jodi and Brox

The Cathedral of Hockey?

Bill & Jodi

Billy the Pooh Bear

The famous scoreboard at Wrigley Field

Jodi and Bill

The ice ring in the infield


Fergie Jenkins, Ryan Sandburg, & Billy Williams


Carnitaside and other Fashion Tips


This is all that's left of a poor piggie that tried to cross Rt 120

But Mommy what happened to the little piggie?

You mean we ate it!

Well it was good
Fashion tips by a Sarah Palin Look-a-Like

I must fix my hair

Why I can see Grayslake from my Window!

This is my Sarah Palin hair do

I must accessorize

Did you think you wouldn't see pictures of me?

Just call me HAPPY

Do you think that I could be the next Senator from Illinois?

I just need a little support

Soulee drawing Dora by Lantern


Geesh, My 401K is now a 101k

Yes, I'm the little brother

25 months old

Give me 5!

Can you see my new tooth?

It's in there somewhere

I told Papa to try this...hee hee

Maybe I'll join the circus

I'll do it again

Dad is that your best side?

Notice that nobody is looking in the same direction

Two out of three

C'mon Brox look at the camera

Ta Da!

Psst,Want to hear a secret?

I'm not going to tell you

Hi there Big boy

When it's -22 below zero, the mind does funny things!


The Arts on a Cold Winter's Day

Soulee getting in the Artistic mood

Brox waiting for the sky to fall

I really get involved with my dinner

Soulee gets set to do some foot art

Notice the abstract technique

Daddy will have to buy a really big frame for this one

Brox gets ready to play for the Inaugural

Soulee and Jodi provide the audience

I will now play the Blues

..and here's a happy little ditty!


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