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Page 44 -  December 2008
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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December Doings

Our first Xmas tree

Posing for Playboy

Send me $50,000 and I'll make you a Senator

I'm a proud citizen of Illinois

A wiretap on my Fisher-Price phone?

Watching TV
...meanwhile back at the ranch...


How about this expression? 

Brox gets assaulted by a giant Foot
Soulee and Jodi share a Knish?

Soulee noshing

Notice that at no time, do my fingers leave my hand.


Soulee's 2nd Birthday

Soulee, Brox and Jodi

Soulee's Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday to you, Soulee

Heather and Soulee watch Mom cut the cake

"I'll take the first piece"

Brox wants some cake too

Notice the technique

I even use a fork

You want some too?

Me and Dad fool around

We both eat the  cake with our fingers

I help Dad eat the cake

 Mom and Soulee


Chanukah - 2008

Soulee in the red dress tries her hand at darts

Soulee lines up a throw

"What you lookin' at Willis?"

I haven't decided whether to be a Southpaw yet

Papa says lefties can write their own price

I thought this was a donut

Papa and me playing

Some days you just feel cranky

Grandma and Soulee play with Cookie Monster game

Pretty dress huh?
Lighting the Candles on Chanukah

Uncle Jon shows me how to spin a dreidel

Hoot Goldfarb the Yiddish cowboy visits our candle lighting
Soulee saying the prayers for lighting the Chanuka candles

It's the 6th night of Chanuka

Brox feigns surprise

Next year I'll light the candles

A couple of Swingers!

Soulee starts to open presents

Just watching the festivities

The Administrative committee watches

Whee, I got a Dora doll!

Brox watches as Dad opens his gifts

It's hard to believe that two kids have this many gifts

Jodi doesn't believe the Bill's Smurf sweater

The arms a bit long

I got next year's Halloween costume!

Uncle Jon and Brox

Half the fun at Chanukah is eating uncle Ed's and Grandma's cookies

"They'll never find me over here!"

I have a blue mustache

Mom reads me a Dr Seuss Book that I got for Chanukah


A Visit and a Bath

Eric and Brox

Kristin Artnzen

WHOA, that tickles!

Kristin and Eric practicing

Head & Shoulders?

Taking a bath

This is the life

I wonder if Picasso started like this?

Hold me tight,Soulee

I'd rather be in soft chair

I'm clean and in the sink!


Christmas Celebrations - 2008

Brox and Soulee offer Santa a Bailout

Soulee models Smurf sweater for Brox

I'm a blue amoeba

I get to play too

I will now re-program the remote

Heather and Brox

I'm a swinger

Christmas in Wisconsin (Or pretty close to it)

JR  lookin' good!

Danika after snacking on something orange

Just waiting to open the presents

Brox learning to drive

Dana and Rosa

Rosa and Michelle

Vicki, Dana, Rosa and Michelle

Jodi and Brox


Pete and Madyson



Danika and Soulee


IDOT official inspects traffic accident

Pete watches the kids


The Wrecking crew at work

Watching the onslaught

Vicki and Soulee

Soulee opens a present

Notice the technique

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Opening Presents in Wildwood, IL

Soulee gets a lot of practice opening presents in December

This one's for you Mommy

This one's for Brox

#1 Pick a part to terr

#2 Rip it off

#3 Keep ripping

#4 See what it is

Wow! A Blackhawk Jersey

The gifts keep on coming

Brox is a present

Pretty hairpiece, eh?

I play with one of my gifts

Mom shows me how to use the gift


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