Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 43 -  November 2008
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Feeding Brox

I'm Going Hollywood!

Don't poke me in the eye, Mom

Pretty cool, eh!

 I don't need no stinkin' sunglasses

Soulee feeds Brox

Whatta ya mean smile?

Heather, Brox and Sleepy Soulee

zzz zzz

Brox is a Blackhawk

So is Soulee

Just passing through

I look just like Sarah Palin!

Whee, Brox is Standing!

These ladies are making me crazy


Bill's Card Party Birthday

I want to play Poker too.

Soulee helps Uncle Jon sort the chips

I like the red ones

One for you and two for me

I'm finished

Uncle Ed tells Soulee to deal

Some of the guests at the party

Hail, Hail, The gang's all here

Watching Ratatouille

Dan, Brox and Bill

Danny, Alex and Brox

Veigh S. Meer and Oyga Vault

Brox is learning to walk with our help

Alex's birthday cake for Bill
A Video of Bill's 32nd Birthday Party
Everybody sing!

Look! We're both smiling in the same photo!

Brox tries to whistle with two fingers

... now with his thumb

Soulee's gonna make a break out of the joint

Danika and Soulee

Just messin' around

Aunt Vick and  JR play with the kids

Danika, JR, Aunt Vicki and Brox

Sippin' on juice

JR and Brox


Dr. JR


Thanksgiving 2008

Heller Incorporated

Jon, Soulee Bill, Jodi, Brox, Roberta, Rich, Ed

How about this one?

Soulee puts in some code on this website

Bill and Jodi fixing some appetizers

What's Ed up to?

Chef Eduardo showing his rolls

This is where Ed's back gave out

But he retrieves the stuffing any how

The side dishes rest

Dr. Roberta performs a turkeyectomy

White over here, dark over there

Ed makes sure none of the stuffing survives

Sweet Potatoes and green stuff

The Table awaits the food

Soulee made placemats for everyone

Brox and Soulee wait to dig in

Soulee wants to run her fingers thru the mashed potatoes


Chef Ed takes some Back pain medicine

Dad and Jon can't stand watching the Lions try football

Brox and Uncle Jon

Brox tries to stand up

Jon and Brox converse

Look at the camera, Brox

Bill and Brox

Soulee tries her hand at Darts



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