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Uncle Jon's Birthday

Grandma and Soulee making Bugs on a Log

Happy birthday Uncle Jon


Artwork for Sale

Soulee Art for Sale! *Help Us Pay for College* - $10000 (Wildwood, IL)

Papa and Soulee getting inspired

"No Soulee, the yellow  ring"


Now for some creative artwork

The artist really gets into her work

Technicolor hands
Soulee Art
Soulee & Brox

Raising two little kids is easy!

I've got pumpkin fingernails

...and when I'm the queen...

I've been working on the railroad

Dad and me decorating cupcakes

Danny helping us


Fall Activities

angelina and Soulee hit the leaf pile

Ryan joins in

Jodi, Brox and Lorel

Neighbor Pat Browning joins in

Angelina & Ryan in Grandma Pat's Tree

Soulee gets in the pile

Jodi helps (?) Soulee

Soulee tries tree climbing

Bill supervises

"I'm forever blowing bubbles

Easy Rider

Biker Chick Soulee

Vroom, vroom, vroom!

Tooling down the highway

"C'mon Mom!"



Mom and Brox

Next year I get to go Trick or Treating


This my Halloween costume?

After 100 years these two Cub fans
pay off a bet!

Papa Pooh Bear and Soulee Pooh Bear

"Here cones the mush, Martha"

On our quest for the Trick or Treats

"What do you mean you're taking our pictures?"

Trick or Treat

Soulee and Heather

Brox, just hangin'around


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