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Page 40 -  Alex and Danny's Wedding
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Rehearsing for Alex and Danny's Wedding

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Mom tells Soulee what she has to do

That sure is a long way to walk

I'll practice my kisses

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play

Brox and Katie

These pews are pretty cool

I better check the script

Alex lookin'good

The young part of the wedding party

We're practicing our smiles

Standing in line for Lotto tickets?

I wonder what Danny said to make everyone laugh?

Coming down the aisle

Why are these guys smiling?

Dad and Alex come down the aisle

Alex and Katie

Brox shows Danny how to relax

Smile for the cameras

The ladies mug for the camera

Which one is all choked up?

Yes, we played on the Titanic!

What is she stirring in that funny looking pot?

Warming up the vittles

Ummm, Ummm, good

Alex and Danny helping Soulee with dinner

Dancing the night away

I can't stand up for the wedding, heck I can't even roll over yet!


Alex and Danny's Wedding
The 3 Rings of Marriage
The Engagement Ring, The Wedding Ring
and now the Suffering (Anonymous Source)

Click Here for the Official Photos of the Wedding

Page 41- Videos and Artwork by Soulee

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