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Page 39 -  Autumn Arrives
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Last Update October 05, 2008

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The  Chiefs Baseball Parties

Manny, Moe, and Jack?


Whoever smiles 1st, wins!


A Ringer!

Jack and Coke
Official Drink of the Chiefs

Bert and Soulee nodding off or is that Ernie?


Progress Photos at the end of September 2008

September 24, 2008

Cute eh?

...and Papa said I wouldn't smile!

"Laugh I thought I'd  @#$*

A serious "punem"

You'd laugh too if someone was tickling you

How do you like my new team jersey?

Guess what I'm going to be at Halloween?

That's Right- Yogi Bear!

I'm going to order tickets for the Cubs World Series

A rose is a rose

Even Brox gets a rose

I don't have enough hair for the rose

Soulee catches some zzz's

Mama has a rose in her hair


Getting Dressed Up

Let me check my date book...

I'm free to go to the wedding!

We'll sneak Brox in a suitcase

I wish they'd play "Go Cubs Go"

Jenny and her husband get married in the library

...but not in the fiction section!
We try a Family Portrait

Not too Bad

Soulee chews on her fingers, must be hungry

Smile Soulee

Geesh, I cut off Jodi's head

Did it again

Brox can't take all of the photos

I believe Picasso started this way

Sol the Spider watches...eek!

Soulee the Chantouse

You will notice my fingers never leave my hand

A little dance too!

I make a grand entrance, without shoes
Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry Visit

No Jerry he will be a Cubs fan not a Phillies fan

Tell him Brox

You have a gentle touch Aunt Karen


Jodi and Karen


Uncle Jon and Brox

...oops he's starting to slip

Brox talks with Uncle Jon

Aunt Karen watches the by-play

Mom and Soulee

Soulee tries to escape

Sitting on the bench downstairs

Now for a some shots of the two of us

Soulee makes a funny face

At least Brox smiles

We're both serious

"Hey Soulee, what's Dad up to?"

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