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Labor Day Happenings

I'm ready for the Tour d'France...

or the centerfold in Playboy!

Want to make something of it!

How about those biceps!

Grandma is trying to tickle me

Now it's Uncle Jon's turn

Look at my sparkling butterfly

Like a deer in the headlights

3/4 of a family portrait

This is as close to a smile as I can get Mom

Papa can't stop taking pictures


Uncle Ed is going to get me!

Uncle Jon has a plugged up Brox

Soulee and Uncle Jon go for a walk

Papa and me on the Deck

Now Daddy is taking our picture

Uncle Ed posing for a Gillette commercial

Papa is showing me how to whistle

It hurts my ears!

Daddy mugs with Brox

Daddy's serious face

I'm going to catch some zzz's


Soulee relives her babyhood

Gee, I forgot how much fun this swing was

Danny growing hair

Soulee kisses a messy Brox

C'mon Brox, just burp

Ta Da he burped!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your attention please!

I will now SMILE

Wasn't it worth waiting for?

...and you thought it was gas!

just a little grin

and now for the finish...

Have a nice Day!


Papa Gave me this little plush elephant

Ooh, I think it bit me!

Papa is taking more pictures on my 8th week birthday

Should I smile?

EEK, there's a flying saucer!

That really scared me

I'm running out of expressions

Here's one kind of smile...

Here's another...

...and another

Soulee mothers me!

We're looking at something

Soulee refuses to look at the camera

That's better

It's serious looking time

How many more photos?

Soulee's getting tired

Hooray! The last one!!!!


Going Apple Picking

Shnog and Brox

Shnog soothes Brox



Mama and Brox

Soulee relives her babyhood

Soulee almost makes it to her bed

Soulee naps while Brox watches

Whoa, they're both up now

Soulee checks out Brox's cheeks

A petting zoo at the apple orchards

A family resemblance?

Mom is framed

Now it's Soulee's turn

Room for five more

Soulee picks some apples

Brox grabs a ride in the big red wagon

Mom pulls the crew in the big red wagon

Making sure nobody jumps ship

and the beat goes on...

Soulee tries out the slide

Soulee posing at the kitchen table


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