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Coming up to 4 weeks old

Who you punchin' Ma?

Yahoo, Cubs Win!

Oh Say can you see...

I've got fingers growing out of the back
of my head

I'm not going to smile

No smile yet

Say something funny

Whistle while you work

...and if elected...

Look over there...

I'm bored

First time I looked left

Almost a smile or gas

Here comes a burp

Wow that was big

That Burp was scary

Dad and me airplane spotting

Dad stifles a burp

Me and Daddy

Hail, Hail the gangs all here


Driving Miss Soulee

Artsy Family photo

On a Beer Run

Let's go Dad, I'm Driving

I can't reach the pedals

Give me the keys

I'll tune the radio to SpongeBob

You can ride in back

I've got the IPass

Mom looks proud of herself

The Ambassador from Poland

Almost one month old

This family is camera crazy

I only have so many expressions

Here's one

Here's another

and another

Mommy reads me this neat book

I wonder what's on the next page

Wow! A purple kitty

I like the green frog

Now it's Papa's turn to take my picture

I'm not going to smile for him either!

In a month or so, I'll be able to hold my head up
 and get rid of my double chins!

Not bad for one month old

Me and Grandma

Grandma and me

Watching the Cubs play, isn't easy

I think they're choking!

Brox and Ellen

Charlie and Soulee check the chalk outlines

#18 and the pink chalk outlines

You have to look both ways when crossing the street!

Mom and Brox enjoy the outdoors

Soulee explains how the Cubbies won.

Soulee and Mom go for a bike ride

Adjusting the straps

"Let's go, I'm ready!"

Daddy and me


Papa tries to get Brox to smile

Boy, I'm glad they got that Binky out of my mouth

Papa thinks he can make me smile

Let me do my mouth exercises first

This could be a smile, for a grouch!

Best smile so far!

That's the best I can do

Haven't you run out of film yet, Papa?

I'll go into a trance

All I hear from you photographers is,
"Just one more!"

I wish I could just walk away

"Whistle while you work!"

D.D.D.Dats all folks


Which one is the real Tammy Faye Baker?


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