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Page 36 -  August Adventures
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Baseball All Star

Soulee enjoys the game

Three All-Stars

Bill getting ready

They start these games so early

The National Anthem

Introductions on the baselines

The Chiefs were first

Our team on the 1st base line

Watching our adversaries getting introduced

Brox Harlin watching the game

"What'ya mean that was a strike!"

I could've hit that one

Ya know my Great Granddad played for the
Springfield Cardinals back in 1930

When I grow up, my Dad is going to watch me play
in an All Star game

Bill Heller
3rd Base, Springfield (Illinois) Cardinals -1930

Scot comes to bat first

Later on he drove in two runs on a 6' triple

Dad gets set to bat

Walking to the plate with a great ovation

Ball one gets by...

This is the one

It's a hit up the middle and driving in the runs

Safe at first as the ball is thrown in

Mom and Soulee watch the game

Dad is catching the last half of the game

Brox doesn't think the game is that exciting

The adoring crowd

I'll have a hot dog, please

Papa and me walk around Alexian Field

Inspecting the Concourse

I'm auditioning for the ground crew

Those orange cones are fun to play with

These are neat

Attaching a tent peg

Not as easy as it looks

Game over! We win 17-6

Back at Grandma and Papa's house
"That was a great hit Dad"

Uncle Ed indoctrinates Brox into Cubdom

Nothing like a cheese omelet

Say cheese!

I'm such a ham!


A Wiggles Concert with Soulee and Danika
Allstate Arena - August 9, 2008

I'm ready for the Wiggles, Let's go!

JR Wiggles and Dufus Wiggles

Let the Show begin

John , George, Paul, and Ringo? Manny Moe, & Jack?
Curly, Moe, and Larry? Tinkers to Evers to Chance?

Dorothy is "dragon" her tail

Wags the dog has a bone to pick with you

The old guy on the left is in a catatonic state (see video below)

Is that bird any relation to Big Bird

Allstate Arena - Loaded with adoring kids

J.R. and Danika

The after effects of watching a Wiggles Concert
"Your brain on Wiggles"


Brox and Soulee welcome some guests

Soulee and Madyson get to know each other

She likes me

Madyson Rayann Jarvis

For my next trick...

He'll go away pretty soon, Madyson

Reece and Michelle meet Brox

Reece - Just hangin' around

Brox and Michelle

Serious face

I'm going to whistle now

Vicki is looking for her car keys

Brox and Vicki


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