Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 189- October - December 2018
 Produced by Bill & Jodi Heller
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Last Update January 30, 2019

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September 2018 Pictures



October Campouts
Click on both Concert pictures to see videos of Garth Brooks concert at Notre Dame Stadium
Halloween 2018
November 2018

Bill's Birthday Bash


Thanksgiving Plate

Soulee Making Place Settings

Roberta's Place Setting

Jodi and Soulee

Ed's Thanksgiving Coma

Painting Soulee's Room

Shopping for Thanksgiving BBQ

Weird guy making Thanksgiving Appetizers

Thanksgiving fishing even with snow on the ground

Drowning worms in Waukegan Harbor
December Photos

Eating a Potato Latke

Great America in December

Making a space ship box

Brox, Jon and Soulee

Ed and Brox

Having Matzah Ball Soup

Chanuka 2018

Lighting Soulee's birthday Cake
Spring Training in December



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