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Page 188- Wild West Vacation 2018
 Produced by Bill & Jodi Heller
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Wild West Vacation July - August 2018

Zeka shoes are even good in the Badlands!

I don't think this is Berwyn!

At Wall Drugs

Good night George

Don't drink the beer off of the floor!

Best Buds - Anthony and Brox

Off to Rocky Mountain National park

Fishing on the Colorado River

All that's left after the Tyranosaurus Rex attacks

Paleontologist wantobe!

Karate chop by Jodi!

Zeko Shoes go anywhere!

Soulee did you wash your arms and facewith this mud?

Bill getting artistic in black and white

Not missing any BBQ & beer place west of the Mississippi


Balanced Rock

Delicate Arch

Zeko Shoes made it to the top of Delicate Arch


Tuesday  Raft Trip in Moab

To see  a video of the boat trip click

See Bill's video of their train ride

Zeko shoes are everywhere!

Silverton's bustling business district

Bill's new house?

Dining in Silverton

Great Sand Dunes National Park

In need of some extra propulsion to get up the Sand Dunes

Click here to see video entering Great Sand Dunes National Park

On the top of the sand dune, whew! What a climb.

Nebraska Rest Area bass fishing. Needed a break from sitting in the car,
so Brox took the rod and got a couple on Trapper Tackle and FishNFX Tackle, while wearing his Zeko Shoes

Brox catching fish video


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