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Page 169 -Spring Time Fun
 Produced by Bill & Jodi Heller
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Spring Time Fun

Soulee even cleans up after Baking a Banana Cake

Spring Break at the Wisconsin Dells

Getting Ready for Passover

Building a snowman in March!

Play Ball- Spring Training

Easter Morning fishing on Lake Michigas

Soulee and Danika

Nice Catch JR


Eating today's catch

Matzo Ball Soup at  Passover

Spiny, Brox, and Bill

Spinosaurus and Barbie

Climbing the Jonathan Apple Tree

Brox explaining how Spinosaurus likes to chew on Barbie

Passover Seder with Barry Boress, Jodi, Bill and Roberta

Did Jodi get the horseradich by mistake?

Brox's Garden Gnome from the Wis. Dells

Baseball without the snow

Uncle Jon and Brox playing soccer

Doesn't everyone use their smartphones on Passover?

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Table of Contents
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