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Page 155 - A Cold & Snowy Start
 Produced by Bill & Jodi Heller
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Last Update January 29, 2014

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Holiday Doings

Picnic Time on January 5th

Craft Time

Making Papa's present

A Xmas T-Rex

What to give to a Five year Old?
A Fart Gun, of course!


This is what the kids made for Grandma & Papa

Look a bacon wrapper upper

Soulee eats her birthday steak


That's not Bill behind the snowblower

Cheering the Zamboni

Jodi expresses her feelings, kemosabe!

Brownie with Beer?

Soulee doesn't make the 3rd period

Posing with bearded hermit!

Soulee eating supper,uncanny!

General Nuisance

On a dinner date with Mom

Ninja at the Kuna Winter campout

Soulee visits Goddard on Snow Day

The Original Southside Hitmen!

science/nature studies
Solar System Unit: We will review characteristics of our eight planets and create telescopes out of black tissue paper and paper towel rolls. We will pretend to go star gazing with flash lights on our ceiling and through a table cloth.

We read books about Space today and learned all the planets names and their distance from the sun. The children became the planets and we traveled around the sun.

Brox draws his favorite planet

Our Hawaiian adventure  

Limbo Master

Looking forward to Banner Day camp
I participated in the space quiz bowl  

When it's -16 degrees below zero and the public schools are closed, you can always count on Goddard

100th day of school

It must be alumni day -Isn't that Soulee?

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Table of Contents

To Kuna Winter Campout

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