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Daily Report - Nov. 18, 2013
This week our weekly theme is Performing Arts: Creative Self- Expression. Our Star of the Week is Brox Heller and we will be reviewing our ACB's and the song "Teasing Mr. Alligator" in sign language. Our sight word of the week is look and our letter/ alpha-friend of the week is Vv Vinnie Volcano. Special Day: It's Puppet Day!!

Swinging in Soulee's Room

Wouldn't be an official page without Brox eating!

1st Snow Angel

Soulee takes a trip in the Way-Back Machine to Goddard

Thanksgiving at Goddard

Thanksgiving 2013

Top Gun Brox

Smilin' Soulee

Grandma & Brox

Making Cookie placecards

The Staff of Life

Brox helping Uncle Ed

Don't Jump on the Bed Brox!

Trying to make a sound system work

Chef d'Thanksgiving

Uncle Jon & Brox

Making Turkey syrup

A left handed carver

Uncle Jon and Brox on the Tablet

Soulee showing off her handiwork

Making a Jib-Jab Video

A formal Portrait

Playing latke Hanukkah bingo! 

It is the seventh night of Chanukah.
Thanks to the Graditor family we have a new class menorah!!

A homemade Menorah when you can't find the good one
Way to go Jodi!

Happy Chanuka  

We made potato latkes today to celebrate Chanuka! 

At the Kuna party

Soulee & the Snowblower

Try making a snow fort in Florida!

Celebrating Soulee's 7th Birthday

Brox devours some steak

Playing Hot Potato

Driving in the Sleepmobile

Papa's expertise on a Xmas Tree?

Soulee trying to bargain with Santa

Bill's wish list

Even Grandma tries to help

Trying to train a doohickey

Gang tackling Papa!

Big Winner Soulee

Bill in his ugliest sweater

Brox the green nosed reindeer

Learning to Play Chess

Playing the Flute

You can't beat a birthday party at a candy shop.

Last photo of 2013- Taking Batting practice on New Year's Eve


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