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Page 139A - Brox's 5th Birthday
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Brox's 5th Birthday

The guys in the back all looked at the camera!

A "Cheezeborger" at the Billy Goat at Navy Pier

Brox smile

The Birthday dance at the Pier

Brox and Uncle Ed

Soulee and Uncle Jon

Brox and Mom

Brox and Dad trek on Navy Pier

Eating Elephant Ears

Taking a break on Navy Pier

A view from the Frerris Wheel

Papa, Soulee and Brox on the Ferris Wheel

Brox looking for a Cubs World Series

Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

Future Dinosaur Paleontoligist Brox

Brox blows out the candle at Santino's Italian Restaurant

Notice the Dinoaur getting run over by a MonsterTruck with Bacon

Remember a board with two roller skate wheels?

Even Papa got his picture taken

Uncle Ed

A view of Lake Michegas

Daddy and the kids on the Ferris Wheel

Thge Wailing Wall at Navy Pier

Brox cooling off

Soulee at the Wailing Wall

Even Mom gets into the act

Brox offers Dad a Pez candy

WOW a Monster Truck birthday cake
(See the dinosaur get run over!)

Brox writing his chocolate list

Brox and Soulee with the Monster Truck Cake


Table of Contents

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