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Bacon Donuts!

Fishing makes us hungry

Soulee caught a big one!

Dad ought to turn pro!

Papa's 70th Birthday Dessert at
Mastros's Steakhouse

Brox mixes donut batter

Soulee forms the donuts

Pound that dough!

Again Soulee makes the doughnuts

Donut holes don't happen by themselves

Chef Soulee keeps turning out the donuts

The important part- Attaching the bacon!


Looks good enough to eat

The donut assembly line

Maple Bacon Donut!

Chief donut tester!

Brox sings for his donuts

Uncle Jon at Medinah CC for the Ryder Cup

Soulee 2012

Jon & Ed 1977

Soulee at Grayslake Library Spanish Lessons

Chicago Cubs Management

Bill's SAP Culinary Trip to San Francisco

Gotta nap on the plane


Frisco Art

Going to the NL Playoff game

Bill got a great seat location

Ballpark food

Too bad the Cubbies weren't playing

Rally Cap

This is why Bill was in San Francisco

Bill vs Crab

Bill Won

Too slow for a Bass boat

In order to eat these copius amounts of food
one needs a massage to aid digestion

Star of the Week

Soulee's Class

At the campout-Zip Line

Soulee at the campout

Brox at Brookfield Zoo

Brox getting his Booty massaged!

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