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Page 115 - It's Summertime
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update June 21, 2012

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Memorial Day BBQ

Prize winner at June 9th Fishing Contest

Are those the fish losers?

Brox swings away at T-Ball

On the Trail!

Soulee and Riley

Memorial Day 2012

Just like Mardi Gras

Putting up a Flag

A Patriotic Parade

Who is that old gray haired old man in front?

It is said in the Talmud, that it is sacrilidge to put ketchup on a hot dog!

Don't do it Jon!

A new idea for a kid's toy

Father's Day 2012
Or Where's Papa (taking pictures) & Daddy (fishing in Minnesota)?

Old Fisher Price toys never die

For Papa's garden

A rose...

is a Rose...

....for Mommy

Doing Laps in the Olympic size pool at the Heller's

Can't beat ice cream in the Summertime

Planting Flowers

Soulee doing the Pout Dance

Brox in the Box

Playing with Uncle Jon, Uncle Ed and Daddy's old toys

Good old Fisher Price

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