Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 110 - March Vacation
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update April 08, 2012

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Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA

On the Moving Walkway at O'Hare Airport

Off we go...

In San Diego

Gee it doesn't look like Berwyn

Support your local bartender

Keep your hand on the throttle!

A relic from the 20th Century
(The Pay Phone, not Jodi!)

Smoked Fish Plate

Spirutus Firmenti

Jodi and Zaya

PBR on Top

Lobster pots?

Baiting Bill's hook

Bill's Midnight Catch


While Mom & Dad Played...

Taking over from Cousin Kim
Lookout Brox!

Just chillin at Papa's house

Soulee races a train at the High Roller's Train Show
at Harper college

The winner-Soulee!

Thomas the Train gets Brox's attention

Superfriends train

Brox the Conductor with his Monster School Bus

Pizza Party at Uncle Ed's House
Uncle Ed's Birthday Deep Dish Pizza Cake

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