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Page 107 - Holiday Time
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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OGAD Weekend

Brox uses Uncle Jon's Ipad

Pizza for OGAD Eve

Brox sets up his trains

An Orange for Brox

Grandma shows off Soulee's gift

Brox holds his gift to Grandma

Who would have thought the weather
would be like this on Xmas

The Isaac Walton Poster Boy

Nothing like crab before the turkey

Chef Ed carves the turkey

Say ahhh!


Another Princess

Opening Presents canbe a lot of fun

Dad and Danika

Xmas Eve Present

Just like Mom & Dad

Dancing the night away

For my next song

Guitar auditions...

Brox got a convertible

Papa does surgury on a present


Another Princess doll

Too much for Brox

Papa puts an ornament on the tree

Grandma gets a Pillow pet

Wow1 A whole group of Princesses

Lots of cars

A shot and a Goal!

Uncle Ed

At the Chicago Wolves Game

It looks like the Bozo bucket game!

It's not easy being a goalie

Pretty good seats

The Chicago Wolves

Eek! The ice is on fire!

No hockey game picture would be complete
without a Zamboni!

Would any pictures be complete
without Brox and Soulee eating?

"I love cotton candy."

Soulee even sleeps at hockey games.

Brox and Soulee stayed up for 2012
Happy New Year!


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