Jon Heller's 40th Birthday
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Last Update December 27, 2016

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Uncle Jon and Soulee

Bear Down Chicago Bears!

Bring on the Colts

Uncle Jon holds Soulee, a new deduction, at Porte Brown

Uncle Jon and Soulee

Jon O' Heller

Soulee and Uncle Jon

Supergirl or not...I'm cold

Uncle Jon and Soulee

Jon and Jodi

Uncle Jon and I discuss depreciation

Uncle Jon helps me playing the piano

Uncle Jon explains the talking doggie to Soulee

Too much turkey

Uncle Jon helps Soulee with her new tee shirt

Wow! A Duff Beer Lamp

The Heller boys practice their Wii techniques

Ed & Jon showing great form

Two Cub fans worrying. So what else is new?

Me and Uncle Jon

Me and Uncle Jon again outside

Uncle Jon off his meds

Uncle Jon sitting on a tack

I'm an Uncle twice

Jon and Brox

Now it's Uncle Jon's turn

Look at my sparkling butterfly

Uncle Jon has a plugged up Brox

Soulee and Uncle Jon go for a walk

Uncle Jon and Brox

...oops he's starting to slip

Brox talks with Uncle Jon

Happy birthday Uncle Jon

Soulee helps Uncle Jon sort the chips

I'm finished

Dad and Jon can't stand watching the Lions try football

Brox and Uncle Jon

Soulee, Uncle Jon and Brox

Soulee, Uncle Jon and Brox- II

Brox and Uncle Jon wrestle

Is that a half nelson?

The winner is...

The Heller Section in the Left Field Bleachers

Rich, Jon, and Soulee

Brox and Uncle Jon

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Table of Contents 

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