Waldman Family Reunion
August 10 - 11, 2012
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Jerry and Karen
Cousins Re-United
At the Cathedral of Baseball - Wrigley Field
Friday Evening at the Tavern at the Park Restaurant

Soulee, Jodi ,and Brox

Soulee, Jodi, Brox, Bill Heller

Cooper and Dan Heller

Andy, MaryBeth, Taylor, Ryan Heller

Andy, MaryBeth, Taylor, Ryan Heller

Matty Heller

Taylor Carson, Zachary Miller, Wyatt Carson

Ed and Jerry Heller

Dennis ,Teri, Taylor Beth


Campbell and Heather Carson

Beth and Ron

Chenza and Dennis

Bill and Ryan

Brox and Andy

Bill explaining where the fish are to Matty and Cooper

Showing the boys how big the King salmon was

The gang is suitably impressed!

Brox trys to make a point

Chenza, Roberta, Karen and Jerry
Chicago Sightseesing

Matty's 1st airplane ride

Cooper's 1st airplane ride too

The Carson's at the beach

Matty & Cooper on the glass ledge
at the Willis (formerly the Sears Tower)Tower
Saturday Night Dinner at Maggianos

I had to try and correct the spelling of Waldman

Finally got a photo of Glenn smiling

Dennis Lazof, Steve Weiss, Ron Lazof, Jerry Heller, Bob Weiss
Rich Heller and Glenn Lazof
All of the cousins

Rich, Steve, Glenn and Ron

Ron and Heather

Lissy Weiss and Roberta Heller

Zachary Miller and Wyatt Carson

Campbell, Taylor and Wyatt Carson

Heather Carson and Jodi Heller

Soulee and Ed

Bill and Roberta

Jon and Jodi Heller

Dan, Karen, and Annemarie Heller

Anita Weiss, Dan and Karen Heller

Taylor, Marybeth and Matty

Take my picture Uncle Rich

Steve and Chris

Even Shirley was there!

Zachary Beth, and Steve Miller

Heather, Wyatt
Heather, Campbell, and Taylor Carson

Fill in your own caption!

Steve and Anita

Chenza with Shirley

Shirley says Hi!

Pat and Bob

Brox, Jon and Bill

Brox, Jon and Billy

Steve and Dennis offering a toast



Dennis, Teri, Bill and Judy

Beast and the Beauty

The next generation

Front: Taylor, Brox,Campbell, Soulee, Cooper, Ryan, Matty
Back: Zachary, Wyatt

Should have stopped at three pictures!

Chenza and Campbell

Andy, Jerry, and Karen

Dan, Cooper, Annemarie, Taylor and Marybeth

Campbell and Beth

Brox and Ed

Roberta and Steve


Teri and Dennis

Steve and Bob

Roberta and Rich

Beth and Lissy

Chris, Heather and Ron

Kazoo band entertainment

The Weiss family

The Rich Heller Ensemble

Steve shows Dennis and Ron his goodie bag

Is that Sasha and Brad?

Even Bradley Weiss from California was here

The next generation of cousins


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