Cruising in New York
With Cousins Ron and Chenza Lazof


Steven Spielberg was busy, so here is my attempt at moviemaking.

The Grazianna

Named after Chenza's grandmother Grace and
Ron, Jerry, and Rich's Grandmother Anna

Empire State Building (without King Kong)

Ron and Jerry

Karen, Chenza and Roberta

Cousins Three
Ron, Rich, and Jerry

The Main Stateroom

Jerry enjoying the Stateroom

Captain Snowy

Roberta trying to guide the boat

Two Megans- No Waiting

Ron with lawyer Ed

View from Pier 59

Coming up to Ellis Island

The train station near Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty

Ahoy Mates!

Karen and Jerry Heller

Chenza entertaining her guests

Roberta telling her experience swimming the English Channel

Want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge

This ain't Skokie!

The Staten Island Ferry

It's good to be the King!

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