Soulee Maya Heller
Page 7 - 2 Months Old
Feb. 17, 2007 - March 1, 2007
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller

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Soulee Maya Heller
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Soulee and Company go Visiting on Saturday Feb.17th

Dad and Soulee

Dad is squeezing me...

Augie and Soulee

Lorie and Soulee

Danika and Augie

Soulie and Augie

Augie and Soulie
Two Month Check-up AOK

Gee, I'm gaining weight, I'd better go on a diet!

What's Dad so happy about?


Kristin Kukla with Soulee


I'm practicing my ventriloquist act


I'm too tired to watch Letterman tonite, Mom

"Baby It's Cold Outside!"

The following pictures will show my acting range






"Mildly amusing"

"Make me an Offer"

"I'm not Interested"

"Imitation of Vito Corleone"

"That's Funny"

"Go on..."



"Get on with it"


"You got to be kidding"




"Really Funny"


"Very Happy"

"And now for something really different"


Uncle Ed's Birthday (Feb.26th) Party and Sleepover on Feb24 -Feb 25th

Uncle Ed and Soulee getting ready to cut the Carrot Birthday Cake


Ed blows out the candles

Uncle Ed and Soulee

Uncle Jon and Soulee


Soulee and Uncle Jon
Soulee makes her debut at Carnegie...
oops the Living Room Piano

"I want to play the black keys!"

"See doesn't that sound better"


"I don't need no stinking music sheets"

"And now Melancholy Baby"


Marlene Schawbel comes bearing gifts for Soulee

Marlene uses her grandparent skills with Soulee

A photo growth chart from the Schawbels


Lydie and Jim Jarboe from sunny California
sent this beautiful home made quilt

"Wow this is neat!"

"Here's a serious one"


Daddy and Me resting


Grandpa and Me celebrating Uncle Ed's Birthday
and Sleep Over

Soulee and Grandpa


Grandpa telling me that it's time to get a job

Just kidding!

Look out Grandpa's going to try and make me laugh

"OK, which one of you two are going to spoil me now?"


Jodi and Bill's Anniversary-February 29th or
March 1st or eppis Purim!

Bill and Jodi celebrating

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Grandpa is making me laugh!

Pull your finger?

"I've got to get those thumbs removed!"

Mom, Jamie, me and Kaylie with some girl talk

Jamie getting advice from Soulee

Soulee and Toby

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