Soulee Maya Heller
Page 6 - And the Beat Goes On
Feb. 4 - 13 , 2007 
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller

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Soulee Maya Heller
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Uncle Jon holds Soulee, a new deduction, at Porte Brown

Let's get the Super Bowl hype over already!

It's almost game time!

A moment of introspection before the game.

Changing my Schedule P in Tom Porte's office
At Uncle Ed and Jon's Super Bowl Party
the Wake will be held in the Left Field Bleachers

Dad, and Me listen to Uncle Ed

Uncle Ed gives me his opinion of the quarterback

Dad and Me get set for the big game

Mom tries to keep me awake

Things aren't looking so good here in the 4th quarter

Jeesh another interception

Pitchers and catchers report in a few days!
Go Cubbies

Dad offers me to the football gods,
but it didn't take!


Dad takes a Bunch of Photos of Me during the Super Bowl Party






February 8, 2007 A very cold day in Wildwood



Look Out Soulee-It's the Gruesome Hand Out to Get You!



Oops, my hand fell off

My hand is swelling from the intense cold

Daddy likes this picture

Grandpa likes this one

...and this one too!

Here's lookin' at you kid!


Attack of the Tiger-When Friday the 13th falls on a Tuesday!






More Progress Photos-Feb. 13, 2007


Vicki and Soulee




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