Soulee Maya Heller
Page 32  -  June 2008
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Soulee Maya Heller
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More Adventures of Soulee and Food

Good Hamburger on the Deck

I'll pay for lunch with one of Dad's credit cards

Mom and "Vinnie" (Brox to be!) chillin' out

Nana and me

Papa and me with an engrossing book

Photo of me on May 31st

Look at the Fire Dragon!

Mom and me picnicking in the backyard

The bug was that big!

fixing my shoe
New Airline Rules

One bag and NO Clothes

Pasta on the Floor

You mean it should go in a bowl?

Daddy eats chocolate pudding the fun way!


Father's Day 2008

This is Soulee's present to Daddy
An adaptation of an Otto Phochous Sr. original photo

Soulee admiring the photo gallery

The artwork joins the rest of the exhibits

Now for my next trick...

1st I get into position...

Ta Da!

Now for the bed/trampoline

Look I disappeared


Adventures in Mugging

I entertain the public while I eat

Now you will see my acting prowess...

Looking cool

Call me Winky

Is that a dimple or some food on my cheek


How about a kiss?

Let's eat

Monkey see...

Monkey Do!

A frontal view

Look up in the's a's a plane...


"Vinnie's" Baby Shower

"Sorry Soulee, this one's for your brother"

What a neat spread

Jodi, reads a card

Which one's "Deep Throat"?

Danny looks on approvingly

Danny and Alex


Cake Surgery

Same Surgery, Different Cake

What am I doing at  baby shower?

Boy is this fun!

It's hard to smile with a mouth full of cake

More cake eating

I'll take this one

ummm good

I could be watching the ball game

Just hangin' around


Opening the gifts

I don't believe it!

 This looks like an air filter for a '72 Fiat

Like opening a CD

It's growing!

Look, it's a Maserati

Even Bill gets into the act

Noted photographer Otto Phocous

We'll make  "Vinnie" a southpaw

It's quarter to three... no one in the place...

Golly this is fun

Crabby sun Glasses
Table of Content

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