Soulee Maya Heller
Page 31  -  May-June 2008
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Soulee Maya Heller
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Baseball on Memorial Day

Playing Ball at the Heller Lumber Company

I'm gonna watch Daddy play baseball

Tension grips the players before they bat

Super Chief is ready to pitch

Between games I give Daddy some words of encouragement

Dad is getting ready for the pitch...

...ooh this one is very close!

Me and Dad do our stretching exercises

My friend Johnny and me in the dugout

Just powdering my nose

"I'm ready for anything hit to to me"


he looks like a hitter

He swings like a hitter

He gets hit like a hitter

He takes 1st base

Soulee feeds a grape to Mom

We play eat the grapes

My friend Payton and me

Another spectator

My hand is HUGE

Payton and me warm up in the bullpen

This is how I throw a slider

But I wanted a hot dog!


Rec Park in Arlington Heights

Triple threat Bill is now pitching

I change outfits when the sun comes out

EEK, Daddy is getting rocked!


Going to the Racine Wisconsin Zoo

We're of to the Racine Zoo

Dan, Alex, Soulee Vinnie, and Jodi

Getting instructions from Alex

Goose, Koi, and Turtle

Could this be the catfish that Bill let loose in Schaumburg?

A dinosaur?

Checking out the Giraffe

Could be a center for the Bulls

Giraffe checks out the crane

OK Dad, what now?


March of the Penguins

Is this a peahen?

You ain't seen nuthin yet!

Ta Da!

How about those tail fins?

Just hangin'

Like father, like son

Just like Denali

March of the Mountain Goats

Lion around

The whole Lion family

Getting up from a nap

Look two lions-no waiting

Monkeying around


Fuzzy goat?

Bear Down Chicago Bears

Hey! No pictures!


Inspecting the goats

Looks like a stuffed animal

Alex showing Soulee the cow

Soulee's not sure

The end


Memorial Day Parade in Grayslake Illinois

Going to the Memorial Day Parade in Grayslake

There's a gorilla in that Jeep

Waiting for the marchers

Boy Scouts

All kinds of floats

Here comes the marching band

Lots of flags

Girls drill team is coming

Pom Poms on High

Even the kids march

Can't afford gas, so the car is being towed

Big Fire Engine

Soulee and Jodi Marching

Look out for that street light!
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