Soulee Maya Heller
Page 30  -  May 2008
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Baseball, & Dog & Suds

Got to rest up


So many choices...Do we look good Mommy

I'm ready to go

I'm helping Daddy do his stretching exercizes

Let's go play now!

Just sittin' around...

...looking cool


Any port in a storm

Notice the complete relaxation

Jodi, and Soulee at Cubs Park

Soulee's Cub Brick
in the Harry Caray section at Clark and Addison
Moved in 2016 to bleachers


Mother's Day and other Neat Stuff

I'm styling Daddy's hair

Who's Daddy's Girl!

Lesson #1 How to eat a banana

Savor the bouquet...

I think I bit my finger

Look Ma.. No Hands

ummm a chocolate ice cream cone

Most of it went in my mouth

Bacon - Breakfast of Champions

Good to the last crunch!

Which shoes will I wear?

None! I'll go barefoot.

Mom an me clean Papa,s "neat" office

"I caught a mouse!"

Oops... caught with my hand in the till!

So is this how to do the step-over toe hold?

Me and Dad singing a duet

I think he's going to throw me in the air.



From the Files of the Las Vegas PD

Wow -4 Aces

Bill joins the cast of Spamalot

Mr. Creosote

Watching the Cubs play Seattle in Las Vegas

Look out for the hidden ball trick!

Two Cub fans worrying. So what else is new?


Hi there! Just writing my memoirs

Just a photo of me

Only Papa doesn't have his mouth full

2 out of three isn't bad

left shoe on the right foot

right shoe on the left foot



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