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The First Party in April

I have to put on my make-up 1st

Notice the improvement?

It's actually a skin softener

My friend Danika helps me remove the make-up

I can still taste the make-up

A pretty girl is like a melody!

I'm going to drive to the party

Actually Mommy is going to drive

Mom and me watch the Cubs pull one out

A couple of pretty girls!

I'm going to catch that letter

Marisa and Soulee


Over the River and Thru the Woods, Off to Grandma's House

Time for a commercial

Wow! These Retro Models are really cool

Sign a new agreement and
we give you two phones-one for each ear!

Pregnant Lady - Glows!

Here we are at Papa's house to play
with the antique toys that
Dad and Uncles Jon and Ed played with

The round ones go in the round holes...

...and the square ones go in the square holes!

Here's a little blue bird

Papa makes the clock play music

You guys ever see wooden toys before?

A schone punim!

I'm visiting Grandma

I'm about to make a descent down the stairs

The Halt and the Lame ascending Mt. Stairs

Soulee making a point to Papa

I wonder what Soulee's looking at?


Getting prepared for my brother

Mirror Mirror on the floor...

..who's the fairest one of all?

Who's that funny looking person ?

Eric and me drive the Gran Prix

I'm red lining!!!

I'll rest after that harrowing drive

Just chillin' out


Crib for baby brother

Gotta road test it , ya know!


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