Soulee Maya Heller
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Soulee Maya Heller
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The Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Indoor swimming in the winter

The beach looks a bit cold with all of that ice

I struck an iceberg!


Daddy thinks he's funny, taking a photo of Mom

The Sun comes up over Lake Michigan

Posing on the Bed

See my shadow on the wall?

I could be a Lingerie model with this pout

Enough pictures Dad!!

Sheboygan is picturesque in the winter

From our room

Are those whales?

The electric company tries to promote some global warming

Soulee -Two feet in one Pants leg

Soulee, again


If I connect the wire like this...


Papa, Soulee, and Mom

"I'm an old cowhand..."

What do you mean , You don't like Johnny Cash?

I've had it with winter!
From the Cord On Blew School of Eatiquette
"How to eat pizza!



Danika and Soulee

How do you like my Bob Marley TEE

"Wait a minute, while I change the message on the fridge"

Mom and Me get ready for bed

Mommy sure is comfy

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